Purple Lace Midi Dress - ALEXIS

Purple Lace Midi Dress - ALEXIS

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This gorgeous black lace panelling subtly yet beautifully sculpts the body for the most elegant and refined shape. Hire birthday party dresses or rent lace dresses from Alexis for a modern, feminine yet distinctly laid back luxe style for any event.

Size and Fit:

Size 6UK Bust: 85cm Waist: 66cm Hips: 94cm
Size 8 UK Bust: 87cm Waist: 68cm Hips: 97cm
Size 10 UK Bust: 89cm Waist: 71cm Hips: 99cm
Size 12 UK Bust: 91cm Waist: 74cm Hips: 102cm
Size 14 UK Bust: 94cm Waist: 76cm Hips: 104cm
If your measurements are 3 cm above or below, you will fit.

FABRIC – Non-stretchy fabric. 

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