High-neck Star-lace Mini Dress - SELF-PORTRAIT

High-neck Star-lace Mini Dress - SELF-PORTRAIT

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Buy the beautiful Self Portrait high neck star lace mini dress for all your occasion needs. This stunning design boasts intricately crafted star shaped lace for a super flattering yet beautifully feminine feel.

Size and Fit:

Size 6UK Bust: 80cm Waist: 62cm Hips: 84cm
Size 8 UK Bust: 82cm Waist:65cm Hips: 87cm
Size 10 UK Bust: 87cm Waist: 69cm Hips: 92cm
Size 12 UK Bust: 92cm Waist: 74cm Hips: 97cm
Size 14 UK Bust: 97cm Waist: 79cm Hips: 102cm
If your measurements are 3 cm above or below, you will fit. 

FABRIC – Non-stretchy fabric.

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